Email on your terms

It's your privacy,
use a Mail Mask.

Instead of giving companies your email address, give them your Mail Mask.

We forward email to you, and you can stop the forwarding whenever you want.
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Private and convenient

Control SPAM

Receiving unwanted email? Just disable your Mail Mask. Avoid companies' painful, unreliable unsubscribe steps.


Make it harder for others to access your accounts when they can't guess which email address you used to sign up.

Avoid being tracked

Use a unique email address for every service you sign up for to make tracking you harder.

We don't want your data

We delete your emails from our servers ASAP, and we'll never share or sell your data. Full details.


Your Mail Mask forwards
to your real email

Let's look at some examples:


One plan with no surprises

Mail Masker is a paid service. Instead of a free trial, we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.


$24 / year

Your Mail Masks are yours forever
Unlimited secondary Mail Masks
Data export
Unlimited primary Mail Masks
Forward to unlimited addresses
Automatically-stopping Mail Masks
Forward to