My name is Jon Sibley and I created Mail Masker because I wanted more control over inbound email.

Privacy + Transparency

Since I feel that most online services undervalue privacy and over collect your data, I designed Mail Masker to limit itself to only collecting and storing the absolute minimum amount of data required to be useful to you.

Another goal I strive for is to be as transparent as possible. That includes: a clear Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, and taking the time to explain in detail how your data is used. It also includes open sourcing as much of the software as possible.

Reliability + Longevity

Mail Masker is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to last a very long time, and I intend to keep it running indefinitely. Practically speaking, that means that it runs on cost-effective cloud infrastructure that is highly-available, and that I chose AWS largely due to their long track record supporting services for many years.

We also rely on Bugsnag to anonymously report errors that are encountered during the app so we can work to keep it as reliable as possible.

Behind the Keyboard

I spend most of my time at Spruce Health, where we build delightful healthcare communication software for doctors and patients. It's a great company.

Email me anytime at jon@mailmasker.com. I'm @jonsibs on Twitter.